Sign Language for Babies and Beyond

Sign Language for Babies

Welcome to Lesson One of your "Signing For Babies and Beyond"  e-course! As part of this e-course, you will receive a sample of the e-book: "Sign Language for Babies and Beyond."  In order to access this sample book, please click on the following link:

Throughout this course, you will learn how to open the doors of
communication with your child through using simple signs!  This will drastically reduce your child's frustration level!  Studies have shown that children receive numerous benefits when they learn sign language.  Just a few of these benefits include:  higher IQ scores, increased math skills, earlier communication, increased language skills and more!  

The next seven articles will teach you how to start signing with your baby!  These articles are taken straight from my book "Sign Language for Babies and Beyond: How to promote early communication and language development in your child." 

If you order the complete "Signing for Babies and Beyond" kit, you will also receive a video that you can download to your computer that has over 250 signs that both you and your baby can learn
together!  My two year old knows all of these signs and still uses many of them daily even though she knows how to talk.  Her signs still come in handy when some of her words are hard to understand.  She also signs in church when she knows she needs to be quiet! 

My fifteen month old baby also knows over a dozen signs and learns more and more each day.  She has been able to communicate many things with us before she could actually say the words.  Her signs help to clarify if "ma" means "more," "mine," or "milk!"  She is also using little sentences like "more milk!"  Her sign for "water" lets us know that "wawere" means "water!"  When she taps her fingers to her mouth we know that she wants food and when she rubs her two  little fists on her chest, she wants a bath!

To view me signing ten of the most common signs for babies, go to my web-site at:

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To your signing success!

Wendy Jensen