Sign Language for Babies and Beyond

Sign Language Benefits Children With Special Needs

Welcome to Lesson Five on how Sign Language benefits children with special needs.

Sign Language can be a great benefit to ALL children, but
especially those who have special needs.   Sign Language can help infants and toddlers with Down Syndrome, Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Dyslexia, Apraxia and others who have verbal-language delays.  Most of these children have no trouble comprehending others, but many are delayed in their ability to express themselves through speech. 

Sign Language helps these children learn how to communicate effectively with others, which is a tremendous boost to their self-esteem and greatly reduces their level of frustration! Sign Language also provides them with a solid foundation of language with which they can build their speech and reading skills.

If you have a child with special needs or know of someone who does, then please share my web-site with them.  I recently found another great web-site specifically for parents who have children with Down syndrome. Here is the address:

If you have a success story stating how sign language has helped your child with special needs, then please share it with me.  I would love  to hear your stories and share them with our readers! 
To your signing success!

Wendy Jensen

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